The Iroquois present at the World Junior Lacrosse Championship

The team faces Canada, Australia, Poland, Israel and the United States in the sport they have played since time immemorial.

Our guys are playing for a different reason than many other teamssaid Brent Maracle, general manager of the team.

Lacrosse is a sport taught to Iroquois children from an early age, and is considered one of the oldest sports in North America.

Our guys grew up knowing that this sport comes from the Creator and has always existed in our historysays Brent Maracle.

Team players said they were honored to represent their communities, and to play the sport of their ancestors in a venue as large as the amphitheater Canada Life Centerthe very home of the Winnipeg Jets in the NHL.

Lacrosse is very important in my community, so it’s a dream for us to play like that, in a big arena.admits Owen Vanloon, who comes from Six Nations, in southern Ontario.

You only think about playing for the elders and for the people at home »

A quote from Owen Vanloon, lacrosse player

Originally from Kahnawake, Kaymen Diabo says he realizes how important lacrosse is to his community.

Everyone supports us in our participationhe rejoices.

Player Kaymen Diabo is from Kahnawake.

Photo: Tyson Koschik/CBC

Kaymen Diablo notices at the same time that this sport rallies everyone, notwithstanding the nation.

It’s good for everyone, like a medicineslice the young player.

On Friday, Canada and the Iroquois tied for first place.

The Iroquois defeated the Israelis 28-14 in their opener on Tuesday, then beat the Poles Thursday 20-7. They are now guaranteed to reach the semi-finals.

The competition ends Sunday evening.

Based on text by CBC’s Stefan Richard.

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