the Senegalese embassy gives the version of the facts of its arrested diplomat

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The case of the Senegalese diplomat molested and arrested in Canada continues. The Senegalese Embassy in Ottawa denied, in a briefing note, accusations of ” degradation of housing », « violence against police ” and D'” rent arrears “, denouncing a” gross violation of privacy of his diplomatic agent who was allegedly beaten up by Quebec police, according to Senegal.

With our correspondent in Dakar, Thea Olivier

According to the Senegalese embassy in Ottawa, the diplomat Oumou Kamou Sall Niang would have rented, in 2018, a house with many defects, including a malfunction of the heating system, a lack of air conditioning and water damage.

So many problems that she would have reported to the real estate agency and the owner. Faced with a lack of responsiveness, she would have decided to change accommodation in October 2020. Four months later, she would have received, by way of a bailiff, a formal notice with a request for payment of nearly 57,000 Canadian dollars. to cover the cost of rebuilding the house.

A year and a half later, a bailiff therefore appeared at her home on August 2, supported by the Canadian police in the face of her refusal to collaborate, according to the authorities across the Atlantic. It was on that day that the Senegalese State denounced a ” racist and barbaric act “.

Nothing in this case can justify the violence suffered by Mrs. Niang (…) This is a flagrant violation of the inviolability of the person and of the private residence of the person concerned by virtue of his status as a diplomatic agent. “, indicated the Senegalese embassy in its last note.

However, she assures renew » his confidence in the Canadian authorities and « follow the investigation very closely which was announced. The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, for its part, said ” extremely concerned about the alleged treatment of the Senegalese diplomat by the Gatineau police “.

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