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The Visa Premier and Gold Mastercard cards are the top-of-the-range cards from competing operators Visa and Mastercard. In which online banks can you obtain these cards offering many services and advantages for free?

In 2022, the Visa Premier card and the Gold Mastercard card are distributed by the majority of online banking establishments. Some banks offer them free of charge, but under conditions.

Where can I find a free Premier Visa?

The Visa Premier card is the top-of-the-range card from the Visa network. Billed on average 128 euros per year in the banks which charge it, it is however possible to have free access to it in certain establishments.

Thus, the BforBank online banking markets it free of charge, in immediate or deferred debit, subject to making three payments per quarter. Failing this, the bank charges 9 euros in fees. Currently, the Visa Premier is accessible to people with at least 1,200 euros of net income per month, which is the access conditions for a Visa Classic. As the latter is currently out of stock, BforBank is facilitating access to its premium card. Usually, the Visa Premier requires 1,600 euros net monthly, at a minimum.

The BforBank account

The Visa Premier card is also free at Boursorama Banque, and marketed under the name “Visa Ultim”. The online banking subsidiary of Société Générale, however, sets a condition of use: make at least one payment by card per month. Otherwise, a 9 euro fee is charged for inactivity. The Ultim offer is accessible to everyone without any conditions of income or payment for an immediate debit card. On the other hand, for deferred debit, Boursorama requires at least 1,500 euros in monthly net income, with no direct debit obligation.

Finally, Axa Bank also offers the Visa Premier card, free of charge, provided you make at least 900 euros in payments per quarter. Failing this, the establishment charges a fee of 32 euros for the three months of inactivity.

Where can I find a free Gold Mastercard?

The Gold Mastercard is Mastercard’s top-of-the-range international payment card. Like its counterpart at Visa, it gives access to higher payment and withdrawal limits than a standard Mastercard, and more extensive coverage when travelling.

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Nowadays, only Fortuneo gives access to a free Gold Mastercard, with immediate or deferred debit. Like its competitors, it conditions this free access to the use of the card. Its holder must thus make at least one payment per month, under penalty of being charged 9 euros in fees. In addition, Fortuneo reserves this premium card for customers who can prove at least 1,800 euros in net monthly income upon subscription.

It should be noted that a Gold Mastercard card is invoiced on average 125 euros per year in the establishments which charge for it.

Fortuneo account

Visa Premier or Gold Mastercard: which one to choose?

The choice between the Visa Premier or the Gold Mastercard must be made according to your situation and your needs:

  • Do you want a substantial card limit? Visa Premier card limits can be customized at BforBank, both for payments and for withdrawals. Regarding Gold at Fortuneo, payments are limited to 20 per day, with a ceiling of 2,000 euros per week, and 7 withdrawals that cannot exceed 1,000 euros per week.
  • You have less than 1,800 euros per month : opt for the Visa Premier instead since the Gold is subject to a minimum level of income at Fortuneo.
  • You travel regularly, and want to pay free of charge when traveling : prefer the Gold Mastercard at Fortuneo, which does not apply any bank charges in the event of payments or withdrawals in the world. Guarantees and insurance in the event of travel are also reinforced (civil liability abroad, repatriation insurance, etc.).

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