This Warzone weapon will replace the NZ-41 in the meta

Streamer JoeWo recently revealed the new best Warzone Assault Rifle class that will replace the NZ-41 in the meta.

The Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update is finally live, and it brought a lot of changes including the introduction of the Vargo-S and different weapon modifications. One of the biggest changes concerns in particular the nerve of the NZ-41.

This deadly weapon dominated Battle Royale games for several months, but recent nerfs to its damage aim to limit its potency.

And for that reason, streamer, JoeWo has revealed another Assault Rifle which he claims will quickly replace the NZ-41.

So if you are looking for the new best Assault Rifle to use in Warzone then try this class of the KG M40 from JoeWo.


The KG M40 could well establish itself as Warzone’s new meta weapon.

The new meta class of the KG M40 according to JoeWo

  • Stuffy : MX silencer
  • cannon : Reisdorf 720mm Cover
  • Glasses : PU Scope 3-6x SVT-40
  • Stock : VSS 22G Padded
  • Cannon accessory : M1930 Strife Inclined
  • Charger : Drum magazine of 60 rounds of 8mm Klauser
  • Ammo type : Elongated
  • Rear handle : Hatched handle
  • Asset : Firm handle
  • Asset 2 : Fully charged

This class of JoeWo’s KG M40 is all about reducing the weapon’s recoil while increasing its effective range. In fact, when this weapon is equipped with these accessories, it hardly moves.

It is therefore for all these reasons that the MX Silencer accessories, the Reisdorf 720mm Cover barrel, the 3-6x SVT-40 PU Scope, the M1930 Slanted Strife, the Hatched Grip and the Firm Grip perk are present. Combining them all simply allows you to take aim at your target and ignite it with bullets with incredible precision.

The increased bullet speed from the Barrel, Extended Ammo and Silencer allows you to easily hit distant targets. This then makes the KG M40 incredibly versatile when it comes to medium and long distance duels.

Combine that with the fire speed and movement speed of the VSS 22G Padded, and you have an extremely fast assault rifle. While it’s always best to use your submachine gun in close combat, this attachment can give you a chance when quick reaction times are needed.

Finally, the Klauser 60 Round 8mm Drum Magazine and Fully Loaded perk will give you plenty of ammo to take out multiple opponents in a row.

And that’s it for the new meta class of the KG M40 according to JoeWo. Whether this assault rifle actually has what it takes to dethrone the NZ-41 remains to be seen, but for now, this one seems like a worthy replacement.

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