Visa exemption between Togo and Morocco for any type of passport

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Togo and Morocco agreed on Thursday, July 21, 2022, that their citizens no longer need visas to enter and leave their respective territories.

A convention was signed by the heads of diplomacy of the two countries Robert Dussey (Togo) and Nasser Bourita (Morocco). It was on the sidelines of the official opening of the opening of the Consulate General of Togo in Morocco.

This consulate is located in Dakhla, a city located in Western Sahara. A disputed and non-autonomous territory according to the UN, but placed under the de facto administration of Morocco since its evacuation by Mauritania in 1979.

On twitter, Robert Dussey, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Togo brings the good news to his fellow citizens.

“Dear fellow citizens, I am delighted to announce to you on behalf of the PR, President Faure Gnassingbé, that from this day, July 21, all Togolese holders of the ordinary passport of our country can enter and leave Morocco without a visa. Long live Togo, and long live Morocco,” he said.

In a report broadcast by 2M, Morocco’s second public television channel, an excerpt from which is also tweeted by Robert Dussey, it is argued that today’s event reinforces the momentum experienced by the Kingdom of Morocco on issues related to its territorial integrity.

And by opening its consulate in this city, Togo thus marks its firm support for Morocco in its sovereignty even in its Sahara.

“Togo’s vision is that of the unity of the kingdom of Morocco. There is absolutely no doubt for Togo that the integrity of Moroccan territory must be preserved even in its Sahara”, indicated the head of Togolese diplomacy.

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