Want to show off on social media? The Avatars Store for luxury brands lands in the metaverse of Meta

If you don’t have enough financial means to buy luxury clothes, bet on the metaverse! Méta, the parent company of Facebook, announces the opening of its first digital store to dress avatars, in the metaverse, with virtual clothes. Attention ! The clothes come from real big brands, and not the least.

Avatars Store, a collaboration with the houses of great creators

The Meta Avatars Store works in concert with major brands, namely Prada, Balenciaga and Thom Browne. Meta announces on Twitter: “We are launching our avatar shop on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger so you can buy digital clothing to customize your avatar. »

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, thinks that the clothes signed by the big brands will appeal to fashion followers. The latter will be able to better assert their personality on social networks by means of 3D avatars with chic and stylish clothes. The firm explains: “Digital goods will be an important means of expression in the metaverse and an important driver of the creative economy. I look forward to adding more brands and bringing this feature to VR soon. »

Avatars Store, a winning bet for Mark Zuckerberg?

Currently, Horizon, Meta’s virtual reality platform, serves as a forerunner metaverse. On its counter, it displays hundreds of thousands of Internet users who dress their 3D avatars with clothes from the Avatars Store. In addition, the price of virtual luxury clothes promises to be less expensive (2.99 and 8.99 dollars) than physical ones,

Among the high fashion collection, dedicated to 3D avatars, there is a set consisting of a hoodie and jeans, a motocross suit, suits, etc. According to the American media TechCrunch, Meta’s digital store will be operational this week in the United States, Mexico, Thailand and Canada.

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