War in Ukraine: Russian citizens soon deprived of visas in all European countries?

The measure, also supported by the Ukrainian authorities, will be discussed at the end of August within the EU, but it is widely divided within the Twenty-Seven. If the Czech minister considers that in “this period of Russian aggression, which the Kremlin continues to intensify, there can be no question of tourism as usual for Russian citizens”the European Commission has made no secret of its reluctance in the face of sanctions that would penalize all nationals without making it possible to protect dissidents, journalists and families. “Member States have a large margin for issuing visas for short stays and they examine applications on a case-by-case basis on their merits”recalled one of its spokespersons.

The discussions therefore promise to be tense at the end of August, when the European sanctions must be adopted unanimously by the Member States. For its part, the Czech Republic stopped issuing visas to Russians on February 25, the day after Moscow invaded Ukraine.


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