Warzone’s Meta Finally Balances Out Despite Slight Vanguard Weapons Advantage

After multiple weapon nerfs, the Warzone meta seems to have a stage where weapons from Vanguard, Modern Warfare, and Cold War are finally on par.

Vanguard weapons first appeared in Warzone alongside Caldera in December 2021, and immediately became the go-to meta choices.

Throughout this time, players have been desperately waiting for old weapons from Modern Warfare and Cold War to return to the meta, and through the Season 4 Reloaded update, the developers have finally improved some of these weapons.

This has resulted in one of the most balanced metas we’ve seen in a long time, as players can’t decide which weapon is best, although it’s clear that Vanguard weapons are still the favorites.

And while WZRanked data proves that the NZ-41 and Marco 5 have far outpaced other guns in popularity since the end of June, however, their popularity dropped sharply with the Season Reloaded update. 4.


Now the popularity ratings are closer than they have been in weeks, with Modern Warfare’s Kilo 141 hot on the heels of the NZ-41. Also, the Marco 5 is no longer the most popular submachine gun, the H4 Blixen having overtaken it.

However, while the pick rates of Vanguard’s most important weapons are extremely close to weapons from previous installments, they still dominate overall.

As we can see from the WZRanked data graph, Cold War weapons are only chosen 15% of the time, while Modern Warfare are slightly more popular at 28%.


On the other side, although there was a drop with the launch of the Reloaded Season 4 update, Vanguard weapons are still chosen almost 60% of the time.

So this shows an ever present difference between the weapons of the different games, but it also proves that the weapons of Modern Warfare find a new life on the Battle Royale.

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