Winter Olympics integrate Alibaba Cloud

In Paris, a migration of critical systems from the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics to Alibaba Cloud took place.

Alibaba Cloud is the data intelligence and digital technology arm of the Alibaba Group. It is also the official partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the provision of cloud. However, it reinforces the digitization of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics to increase its efficiency, sustainability and exclusivity.

The 2022 Olympics in the cloud

As part of the measures taken by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in terms of digitization, Alibaba announces the migration of main technological services of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics to Alibaba cloud. This concerns Games Management Systems (GMS), Olympic Management Systems (OMS) and Olympic Broadcast Systems (ODS) . “The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will not only be remembered for the excitement and phenomenal feats of athletes around the world, but also for the new benchmarks they set for efficiency, sustainability and inclusiveness”. This is the statement of Jeff Zhang, Chairman of Alibaba Group Intelligence. The team hopes to renew the collaboration for the next sporting events.

A beneficial decision

This transition to the cloud has made it possible to reduce investment time and costs spent on IT infrastructure, hardware and associated management. The scalability, reliability and security of the cloud infrastructure enables the CIO to facilitate the planning of the Games. Decisions will be based on knowledge. It will also be necessary to find the right balance between the optimization of existing resources and the creation of new resources.

Ilario Corna, CIO Chief Information Officer says: “Beijing 2022 must be the champion of innovation as well as sporting success. According to him, this migration benefits both to athletes, to the public and to operating personnel. It also helps to deliver on the ambition to ensure that the Olympic Games are at the forefront of sustainability.

Focus on new initiatives

For more exclusivity, Ali Baba threw Cloud ME. It’s about a cloud-powered realistic projection that facilitates remote social interactions. It allows people to meet and converse with larger than life holograms. Alibaba also unveiled Dong Donga 22-year-old virtual influencer created to interact with fans. She shares fun and informative facts related to the Olympics while speaking in a very natural-sounding human voice. This particularly affected young people with more than 2 million views from February 4 to 20. Olympic Channel Services were also launched. These provide fans with high-quality programs so that they can immerse themselves in the games anywhere and anytime.

For the first time, the distribution of live signals from the Olympics via the cloud was successful. It has particularly provided profit opportunities for Rights-Holding Broadcasters (RHBs).

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